Garador MK3C Garage Door Spring

  • Garador spring & pulley assembly to suit Mk3c, S/S and Mk2 garage doors (manufactured before 1999) which have an overhead spring box with 2 springs in.  Also know as Westland and Catnic garage doors.  (see my other items if you require a complete spring box with both springs and cables etc)

  • If your spring box does not have the removeable cover, then it is not recommended that repairs are carried out, and a complete spring box assembly is purchased instead,

  • There are 9 variations, please identify by using our spring chart. You will need to know the panel style of your door by comparing to the pictures in our chart (or looking at the label on your door), and the door size.  Alternatively, check out your existing springs for coloured bands;

    36" Long Spring
    Spring PN57/1: (current part no: 4740) - 1 x blue band
    Spring PN55/2:
     (current part no: 4742) - 3 x blue bands
    Spring PN56/1: (current part no: 4741) - 2 x blue bands
    Spring PN108: (current part no: 4745) - 2 x orange bands
    Spring PN115: (current part no: 4744) - 2 x silver bands
    Spring PN150: (current part no: 4746) - no markings
    Spring PN155: (current part no: 4747) - 1 x orange band

    30" Long Spring
    Spring PN167: (current part no: 4743) - no markings
    Spring PN58: (current part no: 4739) - 1 x silver band
  • If you need any help identifying your door or spring required, please give us a call

  • Brand: Garador
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