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Apex Garage Door Springs

Apex garage door springs for Single, Double, Up and Over and GRP garage doors. If you need any help identifying your spring or require a spring that isn't listed feel free to get in touch.

When replacing garage springs, it is recommended to replace both springs at the same time, to ensure the spring tension and door remain balanced.Apex garage door Spring used on  the original retractable Apex Bolton BL6 garage doors.Used on most Apex single car-width retractable doors (upto arou..
Ex Tax:£42.08
Apex garage door Spring used on the original retractable Apex Bolton BL6 garage doors, for the larger double-width doors.The spring has metal inserts screwed into the top and bottom of the spring which is unique to this particular spring (please see close-up images).  When replacing garage..
Ex Tax:£66.63
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