Garador ORIGINAL DR / RM Garage Door Spring

  • When replacing garage springs, it is recommended to replace both springs at the same time, to ensure the spring tension and door remain balanced.

  • Garador Original DR/RM type spring is to suit Retractable doors with two springs down either side.  These doors have horizontal tracks, when the door is open it goes in the garage almost all the way.

  • You can identify that your door is a DR/RM type as the lift arms are approx 3ft 9 3/4" in length and have 3 fixing point holes in the top of the arm.  It is recommended that you replace a pair at the same time.

  • There are 12 varying strengths of this spring.  They are identified by the number stamped on one end of the spring, or by using our spring chart; 
    Spring S108-901: (current part no: 4763)
    Spring S108-903: (current part no: 4764)
    Spring S108-905: (current part no: 4765)
    Spring S108-907: (current part no: 4766)
    Spring S108-909: (current part no: 4767)
    Spring S108-911: (current part no: 4768)
    Spring S108-913: (current part no: 4769)
    Spring S108-915: (current part no: 4770)
    Spring S108-921: (current part no: 4774)
    Spring S108-923: (current part no: 4775)
    Spring S108-925: (current part no: 4776)
    Spring S108-927: (current part no: 4777)

  • Wire Diameter N/A

  • Number of Coils 182

  • Overall Diameter 28mm

  • Length Excluding Hooks 610mm

  • Please see spring table to determine the spring number required, or to confirm correct spring strength for size of door.  The spring number is usually stamped into one end of the spring

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