Garador ORIGINAL C-type Side Extension Spring

  • When replacing garage springs, it is recommended to replace both springs at the same time, to ensure the spring tension and door remain balanced.

  • Garador Original C-type spring is to suit canopy doors with a single spring down either side.  C-type were manufactured between 1999 and 2002.

  • You can identify that your door is a C-type if it has a white pulley wheel at the top end of the spring, and a cast metal bracket with a white angled pulley wheel at the top corners of the door

  • There are 6 varying strengths of this spring.  They are identified by coloured bands; 
    Spring 1: 1x White band (current part no: 4733)
    Spring 2: 2x White bands (current part no: 4734)
    Spring 3: 1x Green band (current part no: 4735)
    Spring 4: 2x Green bands (current part no: 4736)
    Spring 5: 1x Red band (current part no: 4737)
    Spring 6: 2x Red bands (current part no: 4738)
  • Wire Diameter N/A

  • Number of Coils 210

  • Overall Diameter 28mm

  • Length Excluding Hooks 673mm

  • Please see spring table to confirm spring number if the coloured bands are no longer visible on your spring, or to confirm correct spring strength for size of door

  • Brand: Garador
  • Product Code: Garador C-type Spring
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