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Garage Door Cones and Cables

The cables are often the most common part to fail on the garage door, usually due to general wear and tear or the door not being opened correctly. If your cables begin to look frayed or worn, it's time to think about replacing them before they snap.

If you don't know the model of door you have, the cables can often be identified by the shape and/or colour of the plastic cones located at the top corners of the door. If you need any help on how to replace your garage door cables, please feel free to contact our technical team who will be happy to help.

Brand: Henderson
Pair of Henderson Cables as per Henderson part number 032001 / 031999 Suits Henderson Premier Canopy Doors, fitted after 1992.Have a stop end (nipple, crimp) at the ends of the cables - need to be fitted to your existing conesIf you require the complete Cone & Cable set, please see my other..
£9.50 Ex Vat:£7.92
Brand: Henderson
Pair of Henderson Cones & Cables as per Henderson part number 032000 Suits Henderson Premier Canopy Doors, fitted after 1992.Have a stop end (nipple, crimp) at the ends of the cablesKit Includes a PAIR of Cones & Cables, Crook Pin and 2 x Roll Pins Comes complete with full instruct..
£9.98 Ex Vat:£8.32
Brand: Hormann
New Roller Spindle & Cable Assembly to fit Hormann garage doors Fits Hormann Canopy Doors which have 2 overhead springs mounted on the same shaft (not suitable for later doors with 1 x overhead spring) PLEASE SELECT YOUR CHOICE WHEN ORDERING (looking from the inside of t..
£19.96 Ex Vat:£16.63
Brand: Hormann
New Roller Spindle & Cable Assembly to fit Hormann garage doorsThis set of rollers has a bearing within the roller which prevents the wearing problems associated with the Hormann original parts - the other roller assembly which is brown - this does NOT have a bearing and can be known to wear and..
£27.95 Ex Vat:£23.29
Brand: Hormann
Brand New PAIR of toggle bars to retension current Hormann and Garador canopy garage door springs (2002-present). Genuine Original Manufacturer Part Hormann Part Number TEN001, Garador Old part number: OG-TOM-50000, New Garador Part Number 1222 Overall length 209mmNarrow End 7mmW..
£16.96 Ex Vat:£14.13
Brand: Hormann
Pair of Hormann type Cables as per Hormann part number 1877015, old Hormann part number 45 Suits Hormann Canopy Doors, fitted after 2002.  Cable length is approx 55" long.These doors have a single spring running across the top, with a cast 'drum', on either end where the cable attaches, an..
£9.95 Ex Vat:£8.29
Brand: Hormann
PAIR of new Hormann type CablesSuitable for pre 2002 Hormann Canopy Doors Series 2000 modelsGalvanised steel, large loops on one end, nipple on the otherThese cables prevent you having to replace your rollers when not required (other sellers only offer 1 x cable and roller assembly, not the cables o..
£19.96 Ex Vat:£16.63
Brand: King
Pair of new King Cones & Cables  King Doors only ever used 1 type of cones & cables, so if you have a King door then this part will fit King Doors no longer exist, but we still have the partsCome complete with 2 x Roll PinsYou will need a 3mm Pin Punch, which is avai..
£14.95 Ex Vat:£12.46
Brand: Marley
Pair of new Marley Cones & Cables to suit a 6ft 6" or 7ft 0" high door - Please select your door height from the drop-down box belowCables are approx 1981mm (for 6'6" doors) or 2134mm (for 7'0" doors) To fit Marley Quickfix 2000 doors - Marley only ever used 1 type of cones &..
£28.96 Ex Vat:£24.13
Brand: Universal
Universal Lock Latch Cable kit to suit most doors which have a long main spring above the door Suitable for most garage doors, the latch is reversible to fit both in and out swinging doors - the latch locates into the spring support bracket (pictured below - please see related products)&nb..
£9.95 Ex Vat:£8.29
Pair of New Cones & Cables for Wessex & Ellard Old Type Canopy Doors (Pre-1998). They can be identified due to having larger rollers spindles, with a 46mm diameter wheel.  Fits Steel, timber and GRP doors.  Cones & Cables come complete with a pair of Roll Pins, please..
£15.95 Ex Vat:£13.29
Pair of new Wessex CD45 Cones & Cables complete with Roll Pins  Suits CD45 Canopy Doors Fitted from 1984 - 2001 - (as per Cardale part No: AZSP1017)Cones will be black or red and white depending on stocks. Fits all door sizes - please ensure the cables are..
£11.95 Ex Vat:£9.96
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