Misfit Cosmetics BLACKHEAD EXTRACTION PASTE 50g Face Mask

Misfit Cosmetics Blackhead Extraction Paste (50g) - Brand New and Sealed 

    Long expiry date - 30/12/2020 

    “Misfit Cosmetics Blackhead Extraction Paste (50g) is a powerful peel-off mask composed of bamboo charcoal that purifies and polishes skin, as well as deeply cleansing pores. 

    Watch in amazement as the blackhead removal mask quite literally pulls the blackheads straight out of your skin and pores, along with excess dirt, pollution and dead skin. You could see results from the very first use. 


    The easy-to-use blackhead removal mask binds to the clogged pores, dead skin cells, and other problem areas on the face, before gently pulling out either the blackheads, grease, or dirt from skin crevice (results after use may vary). 

    Misfit Cosmetic’s powerful blackhead mask is easy to apply, with a freshly-scented aroma to the paste, and a smooth texture, allowing for the paste to be seamlessly applied to the face, avoiding contact with eyes, lips and eyebrows, in order for the product to emancipate blackheads and other skin blemishes. 

    Our blackhead removal mask should be incorporated into a healthy skin regime and used to purify and deeply cleanse facial skin and pores. We also stock a blackhead extraction tool to further help you achieve clear skin.

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