Garage Door Spring Finder


The Garage Door Spring Finder is a simple way for you to identify the spring that you need for your garage door. 

If you have an old garage door and you don’t know the make of the door, this provides an easy way to find suitable springs by process of elimination.


Some garage door springs are obsolete (i.e. they are no longer available to buy either because the manufacturer is no longer trading or the garage door has been replaced by newer models).  If your springs are no longer available, don’t worry because we are able to supply some similar springs which will work in the same way as the originals. 


Still cant find the Garage Door Spring your require? Please give us a call on: 01744 894 939. You can also contact us through our website by clicking HERE

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Cardale Blue Spot Cardale Cardale Blue Spot Spring Double 50mm 6.4mm 74 483mm
Cardale Entex Purple Cardale Cardale Entex Purple Garage Door Sprin Single 24mm 2mm 245 622mm
Cardale Entex Brown Cardale Cardale Entex Brown Garage Door Spring Single 24mm 2.5mm 180 624mm
Cardale Small Blue Cardale Cardale Small Blue Garage Door Spring Single 40mm 5mm 97 487mm
Cardale Black Cardale Cardale Black Garage Door Spring Single 40mm 5mm 80 400mm
Cardale Maximiser Cardale Cardale Maximiser Garage Door Spring Single 21mm 3.5mm 190 560mm
Birtley Red Birtley Birtley Red Garage Door Spring Single 40mm 6mm 50 300mm
Compton Small Compton Compton Small Garage Door Spring Single 35mm 5.38mm 68 387mm
Compton Long Compton Compton Long Garage Door Spring Double 50mm 6mm 75 507mm
Henderson Yellow Henderson Henderson Yellow Garage Door Spring Single 38mm 5mm 98 533mm
Henderson Grey Henderson Henderson Grey Garage Door Spring Single 37mm 5.5mm 100 550mm
Henderson Green Henderson Henderson Green Garage Door Spring Double 38mm 5.89mm 92 533mm
Henderson 150 Mk1 Henderson Henderson Ultra 150 Mk1 Garage Door Spring Single 49mm 6.4mm 82 521mm
Henderson 150 Mk2 Henderson Henderson Ultra 150 Mk2 Garage Door Spring Double 55mm 6.73mm 63 424mm
Henderson 210 Mk2 Henderson Henderson Ultra 210 Mk1 Garage Door Spring Double 48mm 7mm 86 603mm
Henderson 225 Mk2 Henderson Henderson Ultra 225 Mk2 Garage Door Spring Double 63mm 8.5mm 62 516mm
Marley Silver Marley Marley Silver Garage Door Spring Single 37mm 6mm 87 490mm
Marley Black Marley Marley Black Garage Door Spring N/A 37mm 5.6mm 106 584mm
Marley Black/Red Marley Marley Black/Red Garage Door Spring Double 43mm 6.5mm 92 584mm
Starfleet White Starfleet Haskins/White Garage Door Spring N/A 40mm 5.38mm 87 470mm
Starfleet Yellow Starfleet Haskins/Starfleet Yellow Garage Door Spring N/A 47mm 6.4mm 72 470mm
Starfleet Blue Starfleet Haskins/Starfleet Blue Garage Door Spring N/A 50mm 6.4mm 70 455mm
Wessex Grey Wessex Wessex Grey Garage Door Spring Single 50mm 6.45mm 80 470mm
Wessex Black Wessex Wessex Black Garage Door Spring Single 50mm 5.38mm 91 496mm
Wessex Yellow Wessex Wessex Yellow Garage Door Spring Double 67mm 8.5mm 53 470mm
Wessex Blue Wessex Wessex Blue Garage Door Spring Double 55mm 7.5mm 71 520mm
Wessex Brown Wessex Wessex Brown Garage Door Spring Double 60mm 8.5mm 58 490mm
Classic Old AP100 Classic Arcadian Old AP100 Garage Door Spring Single 63mm 5.89mm 52 305mm
Classic AP150 Classic Arcadian AP150 Garage Door Spring Single 42mm 5.89mm 92 533mm
Classic AP200 Classic Classic AP200 Garage Door Spring Double 42mm 6.4mm 92 584mm
Classic AP250 Classic Arcadian AP250 Garage Door Spring Double 55mm 7.5mm 71 520mm
Classic AP350/500 Classic Arcadian AP350/500 Garage Door Spring Double 42mm 6.4mm 92 584mm
Filuma 7ft Filuma Filuma 7ft upwards Sectional Door Spring Single 35mm 3.5mm 136 508mm
Filuma 14ft Filuma Filuma 14ft upwards Sectional Door Spring Double 35mm 3.5mm 136 508mm
Garador C-Type Garador Garador C-Type Side Extension Spring Single 28mm N/A 210 673mm
Garador DC/CM Garador Garador DC / CM Garage Door Spring Double 28mm N/A 215 685mm
Garador DR/RM Garador Garador DR / RM Garage Door Spring Double 28mm N/A 182 610mm
Garador R/FR Garador Garador R/FR Garage Door Spring Single 28mm N/A 182 610mm
Garador Mk3c Box Garador Garador Mk3C Garage Door Spring Box Single N/A N/A N/A N/A
Garador Mk3c Spring Garador Garador Mk3C Garage Door Spring Single 26mm N/A 240 / 276mm 762 / 914mm
Garador Mk4/F-type Spring Garador Garador Mk4 / F-type Garage Door Spring Single 36mm N/A N/A 965mm
Garador Retractable Springs Garador Garador Retractable Garage Door Springs Double N/A N/A N/A N/A
Garador Retractable Springs Garador Garador Retractable Garage Door Springs Single 14mm 1.5mm 130 330mm
Garador G3 Spring Garador Garador G3 Canopy Garage Door Spring Assembly N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Hormann Retractable Springs Hormann Hormann Retractable Garage Door Springs N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Henderson Premier 6ft 6" Henderson Henderson Premier 6ft 6" High Garage Door Spring Single 20mm 3mm N/A 365mm
Henderson Premier 7ft Henderson Henderson Premier 7ft High Garage Door Spring Single 20mm 3mm N/A 375mm
Henderson Canopy Spring Henderson Henderson Canopy Garage Door Spring N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Starfleet Grey Spring Henderson Starfleet Grey Garage Door Spring N/A 40mm 5mm 94 480mm